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Parachute party part 2! #MeanttoBeTour  (at Ace Of Spades)

Parachute party part 2! #MeanttoBeTour (at Ace Of Spades)

Thanks for an epic night, guys! #MeanttoBeTour

Thanks for an epic night, guys! #MeanttoBeTour

#bffs  (at Troubadour)

#bffs (at Troubadour)

With iOS 8 law enforcement can now control your phone and prevent you from taking photos, videos and recordings of officers when they are near. The apps will be disabled within a certain radius. Capturing any police brutality is now prohibited.

Apple employee who demands to remain anonymous

Sept. 17, 2014

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This better be a fucking joke/rumor.

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Apple holds a patent which mentions that its technology could have applications for law enforcement and government security. For example, the patent description notes that covert ‘police or government operations may require complete ‘blackout’ conditions’.

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This little tidbit sold me on the Galaxy over the iPhone for my next phone since I’m due for an upgrade.

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If true, this is horrifying.

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First unwanted U2 albums and now this no thanks

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Staying my Black ass with Android, then…

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things white ppl say in movies

  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago




everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off

this looks like so much fun

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